Hi, I’m P’undrak (pronounced PUN-drak, or more exactly /pʰynɖak̚/), also known as Lucien Cartier-Tilet. If you want to know more about me, you can head to my main websiteopen in new window.

This website is my collection of dotfiles for my daily GNU/Linux environment, tweaked to my liking. The sidebar will act as an index of the various tools I use and their configuration.

Additionaly, you can find my configuration for my ErgodoxEZ keyboard hereopen in new window. It is optimized for usage with the Bépo layout set as a software layout. It has also a layer set to emulate a Qwerty layout when using the Bépo software layout due to some games that do not offer to remap keys or whose remap feature is kind of buggy with some keys, such as the «é» placed where the «w» is on a Qwerty layout (I’m looking at you, HoloCure).


If you wish to install my dotfiles and you are on ArchLinux, you can follow the bootstrap page where you can find a walkthrough of how I configure my environment and what I install. If you have YADMopen in new window installed, you can even execute yadm bootstrap to execute it after cloning my repo with yadm clone


See the repository’s license fileopen in new window.