Making my life easier


Bufler is a package that organises and lists buffers in a much better way than how they are usually sorted. You can easily and quickly find buffers by their group, not only by their name, and THIS is great news! Also, no helm please! And for some reason, the keybindings are borked by default, so let’s redefine them, and let’s also rebind SPC to p since it would conflict with my main general prefix.

(use-package bufler
  :straight (bufler :build t
                    :files (:defaults (:exclude "helm-bufler.el")))
  :defer t
   :keymaps  'bufler-list-mode-map
   :packages 'bufler
   "?"   #'hydra:bufler/body
   "g"   #'bufler
   "f"   #'bufler-list-group-frame
   "F"   #'bufler-list-group-make-frame
   "N"   #'bufler-list-buffer-name-workspace
   "k"   #'bufler-list-buffer-kill
   "p"   #'bufler-list-buffer-peek
   "s"   #'bufler-list-buffer-save
   "RET" #'bufler-list-buffer-switch))


As the name tells, helpful is a really helpful package which greatly enhances a couple of built-in functions from Emacs, namely:

Vanilla Emacs FunctionHelpful FunctionComment
describe-functionhelpful-callableOnly interactive functions
describe-functionhelpful-functionOnly actual functions (including interactive)
(use-package helpful
  :straight (:build t)
  :after (counsel ivy)
  (counsel-describe-function-function #'helpful-callable)
  (counsel-describe-variable-function #'helpful-variable)
  ([remap describe-function] . counsel-describe-function)
  ([remap describe-command]  . helpful-command)
  ([remap describe-variable] . counsel-describe-variable)
  ([remap describe-key]      . helpful-key))